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What is MassHealth (Massachusetts Medicaid)? Part 2

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

MassHealth (what Medicaid is called in Massachusetts) is a federal and state program that pays

for health care for certain low- and medium-income people living in Massachusetts. For people

aged 65 and over who are in need of long-term care, MassHealth Standard is the coverage they

need, but there are eligibility requirements.

MassHealth Standard

While there are several types of MassHealth coverage, MassHealth Standard is the most

complete and is the type most commonly used by older adults (age 65 and older). MassHealth

Standard is what pays for long-term care services for seniors that are provided either in a

nursing home setting or in the community. In order to be eligible for this plan, you must be a

U.S. citizen or legal alien and a resident of Massachusetts. Once you qualify for MassHealth

Standard, you will be covered for the following Medicaid benefits:

  •  Inpatient hospital services

  •  Outpatient services, including ERs, clinics, doctor visits, dentists, home health care

  •  Medical services: laboratory and imaging tests, physical and occupational therapy

  •  Prescription drugs and medical devices: dentures, eyeglasses, hearing aids, etc.

  •  Mental health and addiction services: inpatient and outpatient

  •  Transportation to and from medical settings

  •  Personal-care-attendant services

  •  Long-term care benefits and services 

  • Nursing home care

  • Inpatient rehabilitation for chronic illness or injury

  • Adult daycare

  • Care related to an organ transplant procedure (if approved)

  • Hospice care

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