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Care Management Services

Northeast Care Management and Consultants, LLC., provides peace of mind for the entire family through our array of services for your loved one. 

Phone Call Consultation

Complimentary 30-Minute Consultation


Northeast Care Management offers a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your situation and key concerns. We will discuss how we develop a customized plan to meet your needs.

We truly want to help you and your family navigate through the immediate challenges you are facing. 

Initial Assessment and Evaluation

Care Management is a multi-tiered process and our staff will work to provide you with a comprehensive plan.

Initial Assessment and Evaluation

After the initial consultation with family we will visit the elder in the setting of your choice; home, hospital, or rehab. There we will conduct an in-depth comprehensive evaluation of the physical, cognitive, and emotional health of your loved one.

Our Compass Point Needs Assessment and Mapping Tool is a holistic approach that uncovers medical history, care needs, financial status, family dynamics, personal interests, and short and long-term goals. 


Based on our findings from the Compass Point Needs Assessment and Mapping Tool we will begin to make recommendations. We will develop a written plan of care adapted to the individual's needs and goals. We are creative and solution driven to promote and attain the highest level of independence. The recommendations will identify appropriate support options for care and selection of providers such as visiting nursing (VNAs) and home care agencies, assisted living, nursing home facilities, and other resources.

We will perform an assessment and evaluation
We are here to give you support during this journey.

Continuing and Intermittent Care Management


Continuing and Intermittent consultations are offered on a short term and long term basis. Many families rely on these services and oversight as they are often not local, they find the healthcare system confusing, and they are juggling their own work and family. 

We can engage in crisis situations, provide advocacy and management of those situations and provide referrals, arrangements, and recommendations to address medical or behavioral changes to meet the needs of the individuals and families. We can provide on-going monitoring and management to reflect and update and communicate the changes and needs of the situation to all individuals and professionals involved.


Additional Specialties

Advocacy & Crisis Support 

Memory Care Consultations and Education

Home Safety and Preserving Independence

Provide Caregiver Stress Relief Options and Education

Transitions and Residential Options

Global Leader in Dementia Education and Certification
Case Management Society of America
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