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Social engagement 
and well-being

 Our mental, physical, and emotional health are all tied together. Connecting with others—that sense of belonging—is often what gives us joy, gives life meaning.
Even if your parent is a natural introvert or loner, they probably have activities or hobbies that they enjoy now or used to in the past. That joy and fulfillment are an integral part of our essential well-being and cognitive health.
At the very least, we all need something to look forward to.

A reason to get up in the morning!

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Enrichment services

Our commitment to well-being includes a commitment to addressing loneliness and social isolation. Our goal is to bring back a sense of joy and mental stimulation through creating a daily plan integrating his activities of choice. We promote engaging activities so our clients can thrive with a strong quality of life despite physical or cognitive challenges.


Is your parent lonely or socially isolated?

There is a loneliness epidemic in our country, especially among seniors. Social health is intimately tied to physical and emotional health and well-being. Our assessment includes an evaluation of social opportunities and activities to keep your loved one engaged and mentally stimulated. From facilitating rides to worship services, to preparing activities appropriate for persons with dementia, our activities specialist provides insight and guidance to ensure quality of life for your loved one.

Our activity specialist

Everyone does better with some routine in their lives that includes simple, pleasant activities they can count on. People with dementia (e.g., Alzheimer's, Lewy body dementia, vascular dementia) depend very heavily on a reliable schedule. Regular and stimulating activities have
been shown to reduce sundown syndrome, wandering, and nighttime restlessness.
Our activity specialist will talk with your loved one and with you and other family members to understand more about your loved one's interests. Also, any current obstacles to pursuing favorite activities. With your loved one's abilities in mind, a plan will be created. It will provide
guidance and ideas so your loved one can remain stimulated and engaged with life.
Use this plan as a road map. Or you can have our activity specialist come and engage with your relative directly.

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Why activities help with managing cognitive decline 

Participating in activities that engage the brain is good for everyone, but studies have shown that structured programs and activity interventions will not only reduce the risk of dementia but for those with dementia, may help improve cognition and slow down the progression. We can tailor the activity pursuits to meet your loved ones needs, level, and interest.

Activities might include:

● Interviewing your loved one and writing a memoir for the whole family to enjoy

 ● Arranging for a trip to a museum or going to a concert together

Organizing transportation so your relative can go to worship services
● Making collages or paintings, music, or other creative pursuits that can easily be done at home

● Going on walks in local parks or destinations of interest

   Scheduling regular virtual visits with family

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Additional benefits of activites

We all know the benefits of being physically active no matter what the age, but being social, and pursuing meaningful activities gives a broad range of benefits as well such as:

● Improved sleep habits

● Improved self-esteem

● Decreases anxiety and depression

● Caregiver benefit

Caregivers can experience stress and boredom. If your loved one is actively engaged, the caregiver will experience improved interactions, and create a more fulfilling and rewarding relationship for all.

If you believe there is more joy in life than your relative has been able to access of late, consider our enrichment services.

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