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The MassHealth Application-Part 4

The MassHealth Application

MassHealth has a lot of complicated rules, and the applicant has to file a detailed application in

order to try to get financial help from it. The MassHealth application process can take a few

months, and if one mistake is made on the application it can slow down the approval by weeks

or even months.

The MassHealth application process involves the following:

 Gathering all of the essential documents and information, including financial statements

for the past 60 months (five years), copies of current health insurance premium bills,

and proof of income

 Completing the long application accurately (application is 18 pages plus)

 Communicating with MassHealth representatives

 Ensuring that applications, appeals, and related paperwork are submitted on time

During the stressful time of trying to get a loved one into a nursing home, it’s easy to make a

mistake while filling out the application. Just one mistake during this process can slow down the

approval by weeks or even months, so applicants might want to consider getting assistance

with the application.

Sometimes a nursing home staff person will offer to complete the application and submit it.

Just make sure that it’s someone who has had successful experiences with the application. A

skilled elder lawyer who knows the ins and outs of MassHealth and all the laws surrounding can

also be very helpful in getting the application done correctly and in a timely fashion.

It's a Good Idea to Plan Ahead When Possible

Because MassHealth is only available to seniors with very low assets and income, it’s beneficial

to plan ahead for eligibility. Massachusetts elder law attorneys who are well-versed in the

methods used to protect assets can help you be eligible for MassHealth when it becomes

essential for your well-being. Some asset protection ideas:

 Creating irrevocable trusts

 Using strategic gifting

 Converting countable assets into exempt ones

 Engaging in legal spend-downs

 Using annuities and long-term care insurance

No one likes to think about mortality or incapacity that requires long-term care in nursing

homes, but preparing for them in case they happen can provide you with a sense of control and

self-determination, as well as the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your hard-

earned assets and your family’s stability will be preserved.

Contributor: Heritage Law Firm 2023-

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